Fast charging and fast recharging wireless power bank.

  • Phones are indispensable, but nevertheless they also have drawbacks. One of the most important is the battery. It has the property of discharging. Manufacturers are trying to change this, and is releasing with every new phone model, an increasingly productive battery. Nevertheless, in hikes, travels, city walks, there are situations when the battery discharges. In such cases, a portable charger helps.

    An external  portable changer with ultra-fast charging via cable is a new development by Okirobo. Chips and chips meet modern standards that ensure uninterrupted operation. Qualcomm. You can charge with this device both iPhone and Android with maximum speed. This saves the user time.

    In just a few hours you can charge with this device smartphone from 0% to the full battery charge. The portable device is charged using a cord that goes in the kit, you can charge through a socket, or through a laptop. Everything is made so that the user is comfortable using this device.

    The body of the wireless device is made of a soft and pleasant material, which adds comfort when used. This wireless charger has a power of 15 watts. Such an Okirobo battery can charge your smartphone up to 50% in 30 minutes.

    The Okirobo portable wireless charger is the perfect battery for your phone. It is compatible even with some laptops, such as the Macbook 2016 and models that came out after.

    The Okirobo Wireless Power Supply and Portable Charger is the ideal charging kit for any device, regardless of the system installed. This is the ideal portable charger for active people who constantly move and use a smartphone.

    Portable battery can be taken everywhere, it is light and small. It is convenient to put in a bag, as well as it is comfortable to hold in your hand. Constantly replenish the charge on the device, and there will never be any unforeseen situations.